OnePoint Platform™ manage all your APIs and applications from a single point — easily connect applications, data and devices.

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No one but disrupt-IT gives MSPs all these solutions and exclusive features in one package.

Makes Autotask work smarter, faster and more connected, works with Slack and Google contacts & calendar.

disrupt-IT is a Datto/ Autotask endorsed middleware partner

Device Management

Easy to set up, manage and keeps devices secure.

  • Use with all devices
  • Locate from a central location
  • Separation of personal & business data


Accelerate sales by automatically capturing leads.

  • Works with existing email
  • Slack ready to automate daily tasks
  • Track and leverage data systematically

Project Management

Plan projects, monitor progress, generate reports, timesheets and schedules.

  • Auto connects to CRM
  • Built in alerts to manage timelines
  • Templates for set project schedules

Ticket Management

Alerts to action with important project details ensuring the right fix.

  • Fast response to customers
  • Captures and closes all support tickets
  • Prioritize urgency and route ticket by skill

Document Management

Create, view, organize and search through your files and access from any device.

  • Centralized location for all files
  • Templates for marketing and sales
  • Secure and protects  documents

Security & Vulnerabilities

Visibility into all your endpoints and actively blocks threats.

  • Real time alerts
  • Stays current with all port attacks
  • Share templates with anyone “how to fix”
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All-in-one Dashboard

One screen to view tickets, manage devices and communicate with clients.

  • Customization, everything on one screen.
  • Convert to a project on the fly
  • Auto generate tickets

Exclusive IT Support All-In-One Dashboard

One screen to view tickets,  manage devices and communicate with clients

  • Notify, get important updates quickly
  • Action, convert to project and auto generate tickets
  • Close tickets and communicate with clients

OnePoint Platform™ integrate with any application, data, or device without rewriting code - allows for reuse and self service.


disrupt-IT already works great with thousands of apps “no customization required”

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What IT professionals and our technology partners are saying about disrupt-IT

Ethan Mevi, Principal at Ethan Mevi Consulting Group @ Ethan Mevi Consulting Group

"I run a  managed technolgy and IT service delivery for over 350 Bay Area companies across various industries.  Using the disrupt-IT managed services platform with built in CRM and Project Management makes it easier track ticket progress and communicate the fix with my clients. Thanks team disrupt-IT for making a product that saves me time not chasing IT problems."          

Grace Schroeder, Founder Slingr @ Slingr

"Managed Services Providers don’t need to be trapped in unproductive Professional Services Automation tools anymore. SLINGR has partnered with disrupt-IT to create a customizable platform that works like true SAAS software rather than old clunky server based PSA, empowering MSPs so all the tools they use today work well together."         

Ben Greiner, President and Founder Forget Computers @ Forget Computers

"disrupt-IT understands how we run our business.  We got tired of having to customize older software products that don't  work well with Apple technology.  These guys made it easy to setup and track all our devices from on central location . Their platform is most powerful and scalable feature rich PSA of anyone in the market today."

Matt McGraw, CEO at Dispatch Labs @ Dispatch Labs

"In less than 30 days the disrupt-IT team worked with us to customize our Autotask PSA, and allowed us to drop a dozen or so products that we did not need to run our business.  Thanks to disrupt-IT we now have time focus on sales and marketing and their platform takes care of our IT."  

Joe Markert, Managing Director FunctionOne @ Function1

" disrupt-IT PSA is the best MSP ticket management tool on the market today with easy to use dashboard designed for how we actually work.They even figured how to make our Autotask AEM better." 

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